I'm Aubry.
Cannabis Connoisseur. Puppy Wrangler. Engaged to a baddass hippie with big guns. We rave together in the Emerald City. I have a wonderful life.

It’s hard to stay positive with a negative thorn pricking your side.

Posted 19 Jul
I used to work at Taco Bell, lol. Fuck that place and fuck your grillers, too.

This is my life. These are my choices. Those are my consequences.

Posted 8 Jan

Do they really think I’m pretty or do they just pity me?

Posted 4 Jan
Yeah, so this is me at work. I’m a dumbass.

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Your never wanted romance. You never wanted to make love in a bath tub because it was too small and inconvenient for you. We barely learned how to fit our bodies together to sleep soundly and awake in each others’ arms. That really hurt me. Two whole years and we just recently discovered how to love each other. It was so beautiful that I’d cry each time. But now, that’s all gone. No more chances to gently provoke romance in my small bed or wrap around my legs to what I swore was my marble hero. Now you’re cold stone and angry and I am lost again.

Posted 24 Aug
They say I look like Kim Kardashian, from the ass up.
My stupid reflection in the table glass.

I don’t have much to do but miss you.

Posted 20 Aug

I should have made love with you when I had the chance(s).

Posted 13 Aug